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August 2014

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Help for Stress (1)
'Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.' Proverbs 12:25 NIV

Your stomach’s in knots, you feel like an elephant’s on your chest, your thoughts are smashed by a whirlwind. Where can you find relief? In stressed–out days it’s hard to remember that you, as you are, with all your weakness and tired thoughts, are still valued by God. He has said you are His beloved. Even when you come down harshly on yourself, He does not change how He thinks about you. When you forget that God has said you are valued, it’s important to have friends who will come and show you that. Especially if you show kindness to others when they are struggling, but you don’t always show to yourself. One of the wonderful things about being part of the Church is that other Christians can ‘be’ Christ to you in those moments. They can show you what God thinks of you, in patience, quiet listening, in some well–placed humour at the right time. These are really important ways we experience the love of God through our friends who carry His Holy Spirit. Do you have those sorts of friends? And, if you’re feeling pretty on top of things at the moment, are you that sort of friend to someone else? If you’re going through a stressy patch, it could be helpful to venture out and connect with friends who’ve proven to be good listeners before. Or you can txt (0401 132 888) or call PrayForMe (1800 PrayForMe), if you want to chat it over anonymously. Find a way to bring your anxiety to God.

SoulFood: 2 Chron 12-15; Luke 15:11-32; Ps 119:97-104; Pro 21:24-27

word4U2day (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass) is published under licence by UCB Australia. 2014 UCB International Ltd

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