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July 2015

Sunday, 05 July 2015

And It Came To Pass
'You will forget your water gone by.' Job 11:16 NCV


These are the times God works on our character and faith. There’s nothing like a long wait to work on our patience. Or overwhelming odds to stretch our faith. Even when it feels never–ending, ‘You will forget your misery; it will be like water flowing away.’ (Job 11:16 ESV) Forgetting doesn’t mean losing a block of memory. It means reaching the point where the memory is free of pain, just as poison is pulled from a snake bite. As healing begins, the mind’s continual replay of the event reduces and the memory becomes like ‘water gone by’. And so the King James Version has a phrase, often used, which is loaded with meaning: ‘And it came to pass.’ It speaks of a profound truth: life doesn’t stand still. There will always be challenges, but no matter how bad things look, the phrase is, ‘It came to pass’, not ‘It came to stay’. There will be times when your life feels like a rollercoaster car reeling off the tracks. But there’s good news: we can submit our troubles under God’s authority, and they will pass. Kristin Armstrong says: ‘When someone died in Old Testament times, mourning marked their faces with ashes. They allotted a specified sea-son, after which they scrubbed up and moved on... [But] we’re so busy hiding, we’re buried under ashes on the inside. God will call us to arise and shine when our light has come (Isaiah 60:1). Ask Him to set your time limit, and be ready to wash your face.’ Then, whatever your grief is—over the death of a person or a relationship—move on.

SoulFood: Exodus 20:1-17, Matt 5:1-12

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