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July 2015

Saturday, 04 July 2015

God Ltd?
'He couldn't do any miracles among them...And He was amazed at their unbelief.' Mark 6:5-6 NLT


Sometimes, God does what’s best for us, despite our lack of faith (and praise Him for intervening, regardless!) But, most times He also wants to involve us. He wants to work in and through us to bring His kingdom to earth. Great stuff and a MASSIVE privilege. Except for the flipside… This means there are times when He seems to answer prayer in a manner directly related to our level of faith. Our almighty God, our universe–creating King–of–Heaven sometimes limits Himself, deliberately. When we’re living out of little faith, or even unbelief, God may re-strict Himself from doing everything He could do. Jesus has no trouble healing crowds, multiplying packed lunches, and raising the dead in front of masses who were open to letting Him do His thing. Yet to a group who knew Him from when He was growing up—‘Isn’t this the carpenter? Isn’t this Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon?’—who ‘took offence at Him’ (Mark 6:3 NIV), Jesus ‘could not do any miracles there, except lay His hands on a few sick people and heal them.’ (Mark 6:5 NIV) What? Jesus couldn’t do something? Huh? Doesn’t sound like the Jesus we know, does it? But it shows the importance of the part God wants us to play—being open to Him, to working with Him to bring healing, and bring His Kingdom. It matters to God that we’re part of His Kingdom–bringing plan. Today, make a hole in your plans to read Mark 1–6 in your Bible. As you read, challenge yourself: am I open to God moving like this in my life?

SoulFood: 1 Sam 18:1-20:29, Matt 24:26-35, Ps 102:18-28, Prov 17:11-14

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