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May 2015

Monday, 25 May 2015

Priests (3): Ultimate, and Us
'His God instructs him and teaches him the right way.' Isaiah 28:26 NIV


So we’ve looked at Adam and Eve as priests, we’ve looked at the Old Testament Temple priests… but can anyone think of someone who totally fulfilled this Priesthood idea, and then some? (No prizes, Sunday School veterans). Jesus. Ultimate Prophet—He revealed God to humanity. Ultimate King, He is chief–ruler–and–boss over all Creation. Ultimate Priest—in His life and even more so in His death and resurrection, Jesus enabled mankind to go back into God, and God into mankind. (That last bit there, is mind-bending. John 1:14 is a universe–shattering truth.) So that’s good. That’s really good. People could do with knowing it.

Wherever you are, study/work, a shopping centre, out with mates, the people around you could do with seeing God shine through you, and hearing the news that God died because He loved them so much. How? Get close to Him yourself, get close to God like in the Holy of Holies (pssst, read 1 Corinthians 6:19 for an update to the Old Testament set–up), choose to bring Him into Creation around you, and bring Creation to Him, constantly, in prayer. And bring Him into your conversations—bring that Good News into a world that needs it. You are a priest. And the more you go to Him for guidance on how to live that out, day to day, the more He’ll build you up in it, ‘instructing and teaching you’ to do it better and better. Write “P” – “R” – “I” – “E” – “S” – “T” down a page. Spend ten minutes researching the word ‘priest’ (in dictionaries, Bible concordances, whatever). From that research, note down a single–word challenge for yourself, beginning with each letter, then live it out today.

SoulFood: Judg 16:1-19:15, Matt 13:1-9, Ps 45, Prov 13:13-16

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