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January 2015

Monday, 26 January 2015

'...You need someone to teach you...' Hebrews 5:12 NIV


The end of Hebrews 5 and the beginning of chapter 6 is a bit of a smack–down. The writer of that letter said to his readers that they should really be further on in their understanding of God. It’s pretty blunt: basically saying, ‘Grow up!’

Actually… come to think of it, that’s pretty good advice for all of us. ‘Surely we don’t need to start all over again with the importance of turning away from evil deeds and placing our faith in God. You don’t need further instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.’ (Hebrews 6:1–2 NLT) The writer tells us to stop being stuck in a rut with this basic stuff and get on with digging into the meaty principles of following Jesus. Hands up who knows everything there is to know about this Christian life, and about God? Yeah. Thought so. There’s just so much to learn about God and how to live for Him, that we can never say we’re done with learning. Part of being a Christian is being open to absorbing truth that is new to us. That’s why we have sermons in Church. That’s why you’re reading these Bible notes. That’s why there’s a Bible in the first place.

God is eager to pull us deeper into relationship with Him. No matter how much you already know, or don’t know, there is so much for Him to reveal. And, when you devote the time to study Him and ask Him to teach you, He will start to grow you in knowing Him.


SoulFood: Num 3:1-4:33, Luke 6:1-16, Ps 104:1-23, Prov 3:9-10

word4U2day (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass) is published under licence by UCB Australia. 2015 UCB International Ltd

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