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JC Denim & Destiny Rescue

Need some new jeans? Consider supporting JC Epidemic and Destiny Rescue. Jim Bartle speaks about the inspiration behind JC Denim: 'JC Epidemic, the extreme sports ministry I founded with two friends, has been running 10 years this year. We’ve seen more ups and downs than one of our FMX/BMX shows. a postbox near you!

The 21st edition of word4U2day is being mailed right now and should be in your postbox in a very short time. Royal Tailor frontman, Tauren Wells, has contributed some fantastic thoughts for this issue. We usually run out of copies of this devotional very quickly each quarter. If you've recently

Music, bikes and Christianity!

Sanctus Real, United Pursuit, Newworldson, JC Epidemic - yep, these are just a few of the Christian groups we've had writing exclusive feature articles for word4U2day. It's been a huge privilege to showcase them in our print edition over the last few issues and

It's really simple.

You can read through the Bible in about 60 hours! But who has time to sit down and do that? Our SoulFood reading plan will take you through the whole of Scripture in just one year. Spend just a few minutes each day in this easy-to-use systematic Bible reading plan. The daily SoulFood readings provided

Vision's latest podcasts

Caught the start of a Vision radio programme and want to hear the end? Want to share an interview with a friend? Every day new podcasts are added to the Vision website, so you can listen to your favourite programmes again, and again, at your convenience. One great recent podcast has even become a video on YouTube: The Green Line 

...ready for your smartphone, iPad or tablet.

Now this is smart! You can listen to Vision and selected podcasts, read and listen to The Word for Today, read word4U2day, and a whole heap more with the UCB app. Our free download for Windows has just launched! And of course the app is still available from Apple’s App Store and the Android Marketplace.
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Get Wise (1)

'And at midnight a cry was heard...' Matthew 25:6 NKJ

Jesus told a parable (that you might find isn’t mentioned all too often) about some bridesmaids waiting for the groom to arrive.

Five of them were wise, and five of them were foolish. Having a burning lamp was a requirement for taking part in the wedding feast in those days, yet the foolish bridesmaids didn’t have enough oil, so they tried to grab some from the wise ones. They replied ‘‘We don’t have enough for all of us... buy some for yourselves’ (v9). So the foolish bridesmaids had to trot off for oil. But while they were gone, the wedding got underway and the door was locked and bolted.

Here’s four lessons from the foolish bridesmaids: (1) It’s wrong to depend on others. The fact your mum and dad / church family are Christians won’t on its own make you a believer. You need to seek God for yourself. (2) It’s stoopid to be last–minute about important things. Are you putting off saying a full ‘yes’ to Jesus until you’re a bit older or you know more? (3) God’s judgment is final. ‘..the door was shut… “Open the door for us!” But He replied, “I tell you the truth, I don’t know you.”’ (Matthew 25:10–12 NIV) (4) Morality alone won’t get you into Heaven. ‘God saved you by His grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.’ (Ephesians 2:8 NLT) Being generally nice unfortunately doesn’t make up for the wrong we’ve done; Jesus does. Are you fully trusting in God, or is your oil half–empty?... Meaning: are you not fully committed? Are you like someone trying to walk around with your feet pointing in different directions? See how easy it is (not!) and ask yourself, ‘Do I need to sort out my relationship with God?


SoulFood: Acts 10-11, Mt 28:11-20, Ps 103:1-12, Prov 10:27-29

word4U2day (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass) is published under licence by UCB Australia. 2014 UCB International Ltd
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