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Meet 'Vision Christian Media' - the new name for UCB Australia.

We're simpilfying things to make it easier to share the truth and hope of God’s word with more people. Our dream of Christian media for every Australian does not change, nor does our committment to sharing the truth and hope of God's word across Australia.

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Journey with UCB to Israel this October for the Isaiah 62 tour: His Land, His People. Feel the heartbeat of the land where Jesus changed the course of history - where He was born and lived, and died, and rose again. Join the pilgrimage hosted by Ian and

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Saturday Nights on Australia's Vision Radio Network is chockers with Lauren bringing plenty of fun and news from the Christian music scene. We also feature Australia's Hot 25 Countdown with Liam Renton, bringing you the latest in Christian bands and music from around the world.

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God. Our. Sins. Paying. Everyone. Life.

Still not sure what this means? All it takes is four minutes to watch this epic presentation of the Good News. It's about the greatest story ever told that's hardly ever told.
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Giving Takes Guts

'...It is more blessed to give than to receive.' Acts 20:35 NKJ


Whether you find stepping up in front of people easy or you’d rather remain anonymous, giving takes guts. It takes initiative. Taking initiative is all about looking a situation up and down, and grabbing the opportunity within it—picking up the mess after the party is over, chatting to the newbie at church. It took initiative for the Good Samaritan to do what two others had failed to do. Read Luke 10:25–37 and see what sets him apart from the do–gooders… go on, we’ll wait here. You see, we don’t know whether that Samaritan was an outgoing guy, or whether he was shy, worried about what people would think and say. We don’t know if he found stepping out like that really simple or super difficult. Either way, he did it. Whatever he might have felt, he responded immediately. Jesus describes the Samaritan as a ‘neighbour to the man.’ (Luke 10:36 NIV) How amazing would it be for Christians (especially those who’d rather not make a big deal about it) to be known as people who are neighbours to everyone in every situation, jumping in with compassion when others don’t? For those of us who wouldn’t class ourselves as outgoing types, there may be an extra leap needed towards acts of generosity. But that leap, even when it’s difficult, is 100% worth it. That’s what Jesus is getting at when He says, ‘Go and do likewise.’ (Luke 10:37 NIV) Off you go, then.

SoulFood: Josh 8:30-10:43, Mark 10:23-34, Ps 111, Prov 23:4-6

word4U2day (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass) is published under licence by UCB Australia. 2015 UCB International Ltd
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Thank you to your whole PrayForMe team for the prayers. We received an appointment within a week of finding out we needed one. The doctor said it is normally an 18 month wait. GOD IS GREAT! READ MORE

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